In June of 2009, cheerleading was determined to be the most dangerous of any sport in middle and high school athletes for the past 30 years. With the proliferation of Cheer Gymnasiums and cheer competitions, the sheer number of kids enrolled in cheerleading has exponentially increased. Safety has come to the forefront of this ever changing sport!

With the evolution of cheerleading, both the tumbling and stunting skills have become more complex to complete and to spot. BSB creative concepts brings safety engineering, current and former gym owners expertise, 100+ years of coaching experience and instructors together to provide the tools for parents, sponsors, coaches, gym owners, instructors and most importantly the cheerleaders themselves need to advance in this sport and to be safe doing it.


Our Partner Stunting and Tumbling DVD's are the most comprehensive audio and video tools available today and provide all the necessary information to fully understand basic, advanced and elite partner stunting and tumbling.


We also provide comprehensive assessments of all risk indicators and how they impact all involved at your location. From these assessments, recommendations on potential improvements to reduce risk and injury will be forwarded. Also, if your facility meets the minimum safety specifications, you can be CSI safety certified. These criteria include, but are not limited to, coach to student ratio, knowledge base of coach, sponsor and athlete, and facility safety equipment. These assessments are done on-site and can range from 1 to 3 days depending on the level of detail desired.

Our products and services are endorsed by successful cheerleaders, coaches, gym owners and parents. Please see Endorsements and Acknowledgments for testimonials!

The mission of BSB Creative Concepts and its products and services is to enhance the individual learning experience of cheerleaders and reduce the risk of injury through innovative products and services.